Publication Ethics

"The Cancer Research Review" is committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct in all aspects of scholarly publishing. These guidelines are designed to ensure the integrity, transparency, and fairness of the publication process, protecting the rights and interests of authors, reviewers, editors, and readers.

Authorship and Contributorship:

  • Authorship should be limited to those who have made significant contributions to the conception, design, execution, or analysis and interpretation of the work.
  • All authors must meet the criteria for authorship as defined by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE).
  • Authors must declare their individual contributions to the manuscript using a standardized authorship contribution statement.
  • Ghost authorship and honorary authorship are strictly prohibited.

Originality and Plagiarism:

  • All submitted manuscripts must be original and not previously published elsewhere.
  • Authors must properly cite and quote the work of others, avoiding any form of plagiarism.
  • "The Cancer Research Review" uses plagiarism detection software to screen all submissions.

Data Access and Sharing:

  • Authors are encouraged to share underlying data upon reasonable request to facilitate independent verification of research findings.
  • Data sharing policies should be clearly outlined in the journal's instructions to authors.

Conflict of Interest:

  • Authors and reviewers must disclose any potential conflicts of interest that could influence their judgment, including financial relationships, personal connections, and institutional affiliations.
  • "The Cancer Research Review" follows the ICMJE recommendations on conflict of interest disclosure.

Peer Review:

  • "The Cancer Research Review" employs a rigorous double-blind peer review process to ensure the quality, objectivity, and fairness of published articles.
  • Reviewers are expected to maintain confidentiality and provide constructive feedback to authors.

Editorial Responsibility:

  • Editors have the responsibility to uphold the journal's ethical standards and make fair and unbiased decisions regarding manuscript acceptance.
  • Editors must disclose any potential conflicts of interest regarding submitted manuscripts.
  • Editors are committed to publishing corrections and retractions in a timely manner when errors or misconduct are identified.

Human and Animal Rights:

  • Research involving human subjects must comply with all relevant ethical guidelines and regulations.
  • Research involving animals must adhere to the principles of humane animal care and use.