Cancer stem cells: insights and implications for future research


  • Dr. Farah Qureshi Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, Bahawalpur, Pakistan Author


Cancer stem cells (CSCs) have become an essential part of cancer research, presenting a paradigm shift in our understanding of tumor initiation, progression, and therapeutic resistance. This scientific article provides a comprehensive overview of current knowledge on the biology of CSC, highlighting their unique characteristics and functional roles in malignancy. We explore the implications of CSCs in cancer heterogeneity, therapeutic resistance and disease relapse. Additionally, the article discusses the potential of CSCs as therapeutic targets and highlights the importance of innovative research approaches to develop effective anticancer strategies. Exploring CSCs opens new avenues for precision medicine and personalized cancer therapies, helping to improve patient outcomes.

Keywords: Cancer stem cells, tumor initiation, therapeutic resistance, cancer heterogeneity, precision medicine, personalized therapy, stem cell markers, therapeutic targets, disease relapse, innovative research




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